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The PRIVATE Conversation as a Service Relationship Manager for Professionals

Boardroom One is the go-to secure and compliant communications platform for enterprises needing to own their data including government agencies, regulated industries, professional associations and media companies.

Collaborate anywhere — With Boardroom One you can use voice calls, video conferencing and screen sharing with networking and CRM functionalities from PCs, smartphones, or tablets within one app.

Conduct private and compliant meetings — Boardroom One ensures accountability as an invite-only platform with security built in, not bolted on, and an architecture controlled and managed by our customers.

Focus on what matters — Integrate Boardroom One seamlessly into your workflows and gain access to an efficient, more secure way to communicate, network, and engage.

By integrating conversation workflows, we help individuals, organizations, and their partners improve collaboration, increase productivity and maintain regulatory compliance.

Why choose Boardroom One?

Collaborate anywhere, conduct private and compliant meetings, focus on what matters.
Boardroom One is an encrypted communication service that gives organizations control over their data.  Voice calls, video conferencing and screen sharing on PCs, smartphones or tablets are private and regulatory-compliant with a searchable visual history providing context to upcoming and past conversations. Equip your organization with the digital capability necessary to succeed in today’s challenging economic and regulatory environments.


  • Invite-only
  • Organizations have full control & ownership over membership, moderation, authentication, monetization and analytics
  • Multiple encrypted servers and encryption keys for unparalleled protection
  • Data stored in the cloud or on premises


  • Compliant with HIPAA, GDPR & CCPA/CPRA, FCA, MiFID II, SEC, CFTC, FINRA and other regulatory requirements
  • Automatically integrates with existing calendars for recordkeeping & compliance
  • Dashboard with all events
  • Searchable history of activity and participants


  • Multiple concurrent sessions
  • Content streamed live or recorded in HD
  • Instantly scale ALL professional conversations from 1:1 to thousands
  • Crystal-clear, ultra-low latency and low-bandwidth experience powered by Dolby

Finally, a private space for conversations that matter...

Boardroom One is available on the web, iOS and Android

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